UAS-Enabled Solutions for Bridge Inspection


North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has evolved into a multimodal agency committed to supporting the travelers, economy and overall well-being of North Carolina by providing a comprehensive statewide transportation system that encompasses all forms of travel.

The department's vision, mission and goals guide its daily operations to ensure its wide range of projects and services meet the state's growing transportation needs.

The N.C. Department of Transportation is responsible for the safety of more than 18,000 bridges, pipes and culverts along North Carolina's highways. To ensure the safety of motorists who rely on these bridges, NCDOT has an aggressive inspection program.

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Skydio is an American robotic and artificial intelligence company that has created an autonomous drone that flies itself without the need of a pilot. Utilizing 45 megapixels of visual sensing from six 200 degree color cameras, Skydio 2 can see everything in every direction with unprecedented resolution and clarity. This is the foundation of trustworthy autonomous flight for bridge inspection.

The Intel® Falcon™ 8+ drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle with a patented V-shaped design and featureshigh level of safety and advanced performance ideal for inspection and close mapping. The Intel® Falcon™ 8+ drone is designed to provide consistent, stable flights in the face of external influences like weak GPS signals and high winds as well as providing resistance to magnetic field disturbances.

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Parrot develops drones for aerial videos and phots. ANAFI Thermal is a thermal imaging drone which is easy to use, lightweight and powerful. The Parrot drone’s unique imaging capabilities enables inspectors to analyze recorded photos and live stream videos with unprecedented details during the bridge inspection.

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